Garden Seedling Starter Tray

Seedling Starter Tray/Garden Germination Kit with Humidity Domes

High quality transparent plastic cell trays of this seed grow kit make it easy to observe your plants without interrupting the process.

Adjustable vents on the humidity dome of this seed starter kit allow you to regulate the temperature and humidity of your seedling environment, so you have total control over the growing process.

SunPlus Seed Starter Tray pack contains: seed tray, bottom tray, humidity dome, garden tools, and plant labels.

The Wide Application of Grow Trays in Crop Farming

Our seedling tray starter is best choice for you whether you're starting from seeds or cuttings, we believe that you are able to accomplish everything about growing in one seed tray.

Plant Starter Tray Mini Greenhouse Covers all Needs in Early Vegetative Stages

This starter tray is alao a Mini greenhouse that can be located in kitchen or on the balcony and vertical grow shelves, etc. 

Plant Starter Tray Mini Greenhouse Covers all Needs in Early Vegetative Stages such as Cloing, Sowing, Seedling, and transplanting.

Easy Seed Sowing with Starter Tray

This starter tray is a perfect sowing base.

With the adjustable top vents and extra side vents, growers are allowed to easily control the inner humidity. 

The free planting label is a must-have when you start the initial sowing. In short, we have taken care of everything you need to start a green run.

Achieve Higher Germination Rate with Starter Trays

With high-transparency plastic cover, more lighting will be allowed to come in to boost the grow speed.

High leakproofness is good to keep the moisture from evaporating too much, in the meanwhile, multiple riser vents make it easy to adjust the inner humidity. 

You can expect a much higher Germination Rate with our Starter Trays.

Meet with Transplanting Success

Once the growers finish the very initial nursery process, then it is the time to transplant the seedling to the ground outdoors or in a larger hydroponics system, now you can complete the whole transplanting quickly in perfect condition without harm to the roots.

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