MaxPAR Series LED Grow Light

MaxPAR Series LED Grow Light

The MaxPAR Series advanced full spectrum led grow light built with heavy duty high-density heat dissipation fins.

MP600 is a waterproof IP66 grow light perfectly meets greenhouse planting requirements, especially ideal for the high humidity growing environment.  

Full Spectrum with UV and IR included plus Samsung white led diodes and Epistar or Osram Red diodes, this light can produce the same amount of light output compared to a 1000W HPS lamp.  

Advantages of MaxPAR Series LED Grow Light

MaxPAR features its full spectrum and high practicability for high humidity growing environment.

MP600 is a durable light with no moving parts, powered by UL certificated waterproof dimmable power supplies and top-notch Samsung horticultural led lighting diodes.

The RJ11 daisy chain option make it easy to conduct massive grow operations via a controller. 

This MP600 full spectrum grow light can grow tomato, cannabis, lettuce, herb, flower, etc in greenhouse or grow tent.

Dimmable MaxPAR LED Bar Grow Light  

With the RJ11 daisy chain option, this MaxPAR MP600 grow lamp is easy for massive grow operation, also the manual dimmer is easy to control the lighting for small-scale home growers.

MP600 works perfectly with our rj11 touch-screen controller, all necessary control accessories such as the rj11 signal wires are included in the package.

The optional controller is sold separately. 

Waterproof LED Grow Light for Greenhouse and Grow Lighting Indoors

MP600 is a waterproof LED Grow Light specially designed for those high humidity growing environment no matter gowing in the large-scale greenhouse or the medium-scale vetical farms or the small-scale home grows, MaxPAR always gets the job done reliably and efficiently. 

Precise & Balanced Full Spectrum Light for Plants

Using Top-bin Samsung white LEDs and Epistar or Osram ssl80 (incl. White Blend 3000k & 5000k, 660nm red, 730nm IR and 395nm UV).

Our sunlike full spectrum grow light makes you grow just like plants growing outdoors in the sunlight.

Higher PPFD with Outstanding PAR Uniformity

MaxPAR grow light is a BAR design with a good uniform PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density) output.

Deeper canopy penetration - MaxPAR comes with an extremely high-density diodes chipset, helping to channel photons towards the canopy with greater precision, focus and radiant intensity.  

24 inches is an optimal hanging height for most of the adult plants.

Grow Smarter, Grow Better.

MaxPAR LED grow light provides a RJ11 daisy chain option for massive grow operation.

This light works perfectly with our RJ11 smart controllers.

Each set of MaxPAR light is packaged with the rj11 signal wires, but the controller is sold separately. 

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