SunPAR SP600 LED Grow Light

SunPAR SP600 LED Grow Light Bar

The SunPAR is an affordable durable grow light bar design for both commercial large scale grows and small scale home grows, SunPAR is versatile, compact, and easy to install in any grow conditions. 

The heavy-duty heatsink made with micro-reflector makes the lighting more concentrated, SunPAR series comes with 420W, 630W and 840W powerful options.

Features of SunPAR LED Grow Light

SunPAR LED Grow Light series is a full spectrum foldable LED grow light bar system, each bar is power draws 105W, two powerful options including SP800 (840W) and SP600 (630W) both specially designed for different growers' requirements. Special suitable for indoor cannabis growing! Grow with SunPAR grow bar light, your crop yield can be boosted by 30%.

Compact LED Grow Light with No Moving Parts

The SunPAR series is a classical folding design, it can be folded by 180° easily.

This design helps us do easier shipment packing, and you can store it easier. 

SunPAR is an all in one design, comes with built-in durable power suppliers and no moving parts.

Dimmable Full Spectrum LED Grow Light with RJ11 Daisy Chain Control

External Total Control: SunPAR series is dimmable and distributes broad, full-spectrum light anywhere from 0% to 100% while maintaining efficiency. 

Dim using our LED light controller to create ideal lighting levels as needs change from veg to bloom for various crops throughout their growth cycles.  

High-intensity Focused LED Grow Light with Micro-Reflector

Each light bar sits beneath its own micro-reflector, helping to channel photons towards the canopy with greater focus intensity. No need for efficiency-sapping lenses.

SunPAR series LED grow bar features an outstanding uniform level of PPFD coverage for better canopy penetration! 

Product Dimension & Lighting Coverage

SunPAR LED grow bar light uses heavy-duty heatsink fins design for maximum heat dissipation quickly and reducing the light decay effectively.

SP600 Lighting Coverage: 

Veg 6' x 6', Bloom 5' x 5'

PAR readings (PPFD) tested at typical height of 24 inches (60cm)

We take the PPFD (Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density) reading at typical height of 24 inches (60cm), and we have more PPFD at other heights on file.

The PPFD is a crucial factor for growing lights. Only those reaching the plant surface and being absorbed by is effective to your crops.

Optimized Full Spectrum

Master Your Grow with Your Finger

The SunPAR series comes with 0-10V dimmable full spectrum with UV and IR enhancers, and manually or remotely with RJ11 daisy chain option for massive grow operation via a SunPlus LED controller. 

The full spectrum with UV and IR enhancers make growers can produce stockier, more disease resistant mothers and juvenile plants, reduce stretch during transition, and increase biomass and essential oil production in flower.  

Using Top-bin Samsung white LEDs and Epistar or Osram ssl80 (incl. White Blend 3000k & 5000k, 660nm red, 730nm IR and 395nm UV).


To create the most advanced spectrum for complete physiological plant growth, we had to challenge every assumption. Not only did this make the spectra better, but it also made it beautiful.

Previously, 660 nm (red) and 450 nm (blue) were the most efficient LED packages and coincided with peak ChI A and Chl B absorption areas.

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