Vegic Series LED Grow Light

Vegic Tube LED Grow Light

Vegic series tube led grow light is an ultra-high efficiency IP66 waterproof design, features with ultra-slim size, ultra-light weight and ultra-power-saving, Vegic comes with the daisy chainable V50 (pack of 2 tubes) 50W system, V100 (pack of 4 tubes) 100W system, V150(pack of 6 tubes) 150W system and V200(pack of 8 tubes) 200W system. 

This LED Grow Tube is the perfect choice for green leafy vegetables, microgreens, herbs, and medicine cultivation. 

You can apply our tube grow lights to cloning, seedlings, tissue culture, flowering, and fruiting periods.

More Powerful Options to Grow Better

Vegic series grow lights are waterproof and easy to daisy chain with more tubes, Vegic is specially designed for vertical farming, perfectly for growing lettuce, micro green, leafy green,  clone, seedling, etc. 

Powerful Options: V50 (pack of 2 tubes) 50W, V100 (pack of 4 tubes) 100W, V150 (pack of 6 tubes) 150W and V200 (pack of 8 tubes) 200W. 

Daisy Chainable Horticulture LED Tubes

No more messy wires and sockets today! 

Each of these grow tube lights is daisy chainable using only one socket! 

Basic Type: V50 (50W) including 2 tubes daisy chained as one set. 

Daisy Chain Connectivity

*Recommended number of parallel connections as follow 

• 110V – supports up to 25 strips 

• 220V – supports up to 50 strips

Scalable Grow Light Tubes

These grow light tubes are scalable using wire splitters and external fixators for Extension Options. 

Extension Types: V100 (100W)/4 tubes, V150 (150W)/6 tubes, V200 (200W)/8 tubes.

These extension options are ideal for plant grow in tent, cabinet and all other limited spaces. 

Waterproof IP66 Rated LED Grow Tube

Vegic LED grow tube lights are IP66 rated waterproof, grower no longer have to worry about water mist entering the light, that helps the lights have a longer service life and no need to do so much maintenance (changing the bulbs or so) as the other lights do.

Vegic is outstanding to grow vertically farming, plant factory and any other high humidity environment.

Easy Installation LED Grow Tube

These grow tube lights are easy to install in your grow spaces, multiple installation modes make these grow tube lights labor-saving for all growers.


25W tubes

Mounting Brackets


6 Ft. Power Cord

Optimized Lighting Spectrum for Plants

Professional Spectrum for Nursery Applications

The Vegic LED light comes with specialized full spectrum for Nursery Applications.

Those green leafy plants respond well to the blue spectrum, and absorb more blue than any other spectrum.

Our full spectrum makes the plants growing just like outdoors in the sunlight, especially we make the full spectrum peak at blue that means all green leafy plants have more useful energy to grow much better indoors.

This is our recommended spectrum for cloning, seedlings, tissue culture and microgreens.

Grow Light Tube with Custom Spectrum

You can make Custom Spectrum with us, there are four custom spectrum we can make basing on our Vegic tube grow lights.

Spectrum Options (customized):

  • 6500K vegetative spectrum

  • 2700K or 3000K flowering spectrum

  • 3000K+5000K+UV+IR medical plant spectrum

  • Red + Blue aquatic plants spectrum

Fill in the following form to customize your spectrum for your specific plant species. 

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Vegic series tube led grow light is an ultra-high efficiency IP66 waterproof design, features with ultra-slim size, ultra-light weight and ultra-power-saving, Vegic comes with the daisy chainable...

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