Vertical Grow Racks

Mobile Vertical Grow Racks

Vertical grow rack for farming is an easy setup to grow high quality crops while saving your grow spaces and lowering the labor cost, our grow rack is a mobile system with wheels and adjustable height for different crops.

This vertical grow racks is a perfect grow base to grow plants with SunPlus LED Grow Bars for adult plants and Horticulture Lighting Tubes for cloning, seedling, tissue culture and micro greens, etc.

Advantages of Mobile Vertical Grow Racks

Vertical farming is the future of growing indoors, it is a more healthier and efficient way to expand your farming scale and production capability with the lowest labor costs and highest overall profit. By this new grow method, we see the good future of high quality safe food supply!

Mobile Vertical Farming LED Lighting System

Our Mobile Vertical Grow Rack & LED Grow Light System is a complete solution for high quality crop cultivation vertically while maximizing the growing space, and these lights are the perfect fit for this vertical grow racks.

Leafy Green Vertical Grow Rack Lighting System 

This Vertical Grow Rack enables the maximum grow space and minimum labor cost to grow fresh leafy green food vertically, with our specialized horticulture tube lights, you can always expect high yield with low energy consumption.   

This grow system is perfect choice for cloning, seedling, microgreens, tissue culture, etc.

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New Grow Light Bar Released in March, 2022

SunPlus released a brand new LED Grow Light Bar design, the Wingrow series, it is waterproof IP65 rated, uses top-bin Samsung LED diodes white full spectrum horticultural lighting led chips mixed with enhaners UV and IR...

New Grow Tube Light Released in March, 2022

Vegic series tube led grow light is an ultra-high efficiency IP66 waterproof design, features with ultra-slim size, ultra-light weight and ultra-power-saving, Vegic comes with the daisy chainable...

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