Wingrow Series LED Grow Light

Wingrow WIN1000W LED Grow Light Bar

Wingrow is a full spectrum and durable grow bar design, Wingrow series quantum grow bars are specially designed for cannabis growing indoors, hanging top lighting with the vertical multilayer shelves, grow tents or greenhouse, anywhere you need a good lighting solution. 

Wingrow LED grow light fixtures incorporate Samsung 3000K + 5000K white diodes with 660nm Reds + 730nm IR + 395nm UV to produce a rich full spectrum delivers a superior quality light, driving increased levels of photosynthesis and promoting higher quality crops.

Three independent adjustable spectrum channels enable multiple spectra to make the lighting controllable according to ALL plant growing needs, it's super easy to use for anywhere, anytime, anybody.

Clip in & out' Design - Extremely easy to transport and install with lowest maintenance cost.

Product Technical Info

Model No.Win1000Full SpectrumYes, incl. UV & IR
Power Draw1000W

Manual & Rj11 Control 

Voltage100-277VLight Distribution


LED chipset5000k + 3000K+ 660nm+ 730nm+ 395nmFootprint

Veg 7.5' x 7.5',

Bloom 6' x 6'

Efficacy2.8 μmol/jCertificationETL, FCC, CE, ROHS
LED brandSamsung & EpiledWarranty5 years

Advanced Wingrow Series LED Grow Light Bar

Full Spectrum with top notch Samsung horticulture LEDs with a 2.8 μmol/J high efficiency.

Three Separate Spectrum Channels enable five spectra make the lighting easily adjustable according to your growing needs. 

It covers full growth range from veg to flowering. The perfect uniformity and high efficiency help growers harvest 30% more yields, you can expect your investment payback in one growth cycle. 

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Product Dimension

Wingrow 1000W LED grow bar light uses heavy-duty heatsink fins design for maximum heat dissipation quickly and reducing the light decay effectively.

Win1000 Lighting Coverage: 

Veg 7.5' x 7.5', Bloom 6' x 6'

Clip in & out' Easy Installation and Industry Strongest Heat Dissipation

Patented 'Clip in & out' make it extremely easy for the lighting installation and transportation, which is not just saving your time but also save big on shipping and maintenance.

Wingrow grow light bar buit with heavy-duty heat dissipation system to keep itself in a much lower working temperature comparing to the other grow lights. 

Adjustable Multiple Spectra Makes Everything under Your Control

The Wingrow series comes with a 3-channel control, 0-10V dimmable full spectrum with separate UV and separate IR Channels manually or remotely with RJ11 daisy chain option for massive grow operation via a SunPlus LED controller. 

The separate UV and IR channels, meaning growers can produce stockier, more disease resistant mothers and juvenile plants, reduce stretch during transition, and increase biomass and essential oil production in flower.  

Using Top-bin Samsung white LEDs and Epiled (incl. White Blend 3000k & 5000k, 660nm red, 730nm IR and 395nm UV).

Our sunlike full spectrum grow light makes you grow just like plants growing outdoors in the sunlight.



PAR Reading Map - PPFD Chart (μmol/s)

Balanced Light Distribution - Wingrow series LED grow bar light features an outstanding uniform level of PPFD coverage for better canopy penetration! Each light bar sits beneath its own micro-reflector, helping to channel photons towards the canopy with greater precision, focus and radiant intensity. No need for efficiency-sapping lenses.




Grow Smarter, Grow Better!

Now you can use our RJ11 smart LED controller to remotely control Sundro grow lights dimmable full spectrum Veg, Bloom and UV three Independent Channels basing on the RJ11 daisy chain option for massive grow operation. 


  1. RJ11 daisy chain cables are free, and the controller is sold separately.

  2. This controller can be directly used to work with all SunPlus LED lights which have the RJ11 ports (such as the Sundro, SunPAR, MaxPAR, etc).

  3. This controller may not be compatible with other brands of lights (a custom adapter will be needed to make it compatible with other brands lights).

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